09 Aug 2016

Social Media Counters now available

The Social Media Counter for Facebook or Instagram is not only the first analog counter connected to a social network in real time but the first connected object designed for small businesses. It creates a link between what is happening online and what is happening in their shops. With a vintage and clean look, these counters are a sweet mix of technology, mechanic, plastic and wood. A discrete but fascinating connected object.

Made to stimulate your clients’ loyalty straight in your shop. The counters are wonderful marketing tools. The strength of the internet is nothing without a rich social experience. The counters have a prominent place in offices too. To motivate, track and to be informed of your team’s success or key data at a glance.

An online personal management page connects your Social Counter to the desired Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page.

Technical data:

  • Dimensions: 42 x 10 x 10 cm (width x height x depth).
  • 5 digit counter, 7 digit counter version also available!
  • Custom counter available with any printed logo (Twitter, € or $ sign for fundraise etc.) with white numbers on black surface.
  • Wide input power adapter included with international plugs.
  • Cord length: 3 m.
  • Power consumption 5W.
  • Ethernet or wifi (2.4Ghz only) connection.
  • Fastest refresh rate 2 sec.

Social Counter for Facebook
€ 299
  • delivery time: less than 1 week.

Social Counter for Instagram
€ 299
  • delivery time: less than 1 week.

Social Counter 7 digit version
€ 469
  • delivery time: less than 1 week.
  • Prices are excluding VAT.
  • Prices are including shipping in Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.
  • Contact us for larger volume quantity.