High security phone/tablet stand

InovIron is a high security stand for phones and tablets.

For use in retail environment, offices, restaurants, schools, museums, exhibitions, healthcare, banks, hospitality and information kiosks.

InovIron secures tablets and phone against theft and will transform the devices into sales and marketing tools. There is no obstruction to any connection port or button. It’s easily removed by an electronic security key and a quick release mechanism.

  • All-in-metal design offers the highest level of security, prevents cut & run theft.
  • Grip from 4 corners allows for maximum accessibility for full consumer interaction with screen and buttons while in lockdown mode.
  • Quick-release of merchandise in seconds allows for a mobile use or a full product experience.
  • Portrait and landscape 180 degree rotation while in lockdown mode for more fun experience.
  • No false alarm or adhesive hassle. No sensors.
  • OEM power cable pass through design.
  • Adjustable and exchangeable gripper sets for one-size-fits-all feature.
  • Can be mounted onto any surface, either flat table top or vertical wall or inclined surfaces.
  • Available in black and white.
  • NEW: Also available in rotating swivel version!

This product and accessories are available exclusively at our partner webshop www.fulldisplay.net

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